The Access Change Initiative Foundation for Healthy Indonesia (IPAS) held VCAT (Value Clarification Attitude and Transformation) training for all Mitra Wacana Staff which lasted for 2 days from the 18-19 October 2018 at the Grand Palace Hotel, Jalan Mangkuyudan, Yogyakarta. This training aims to improve staff’s knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.

This training is expected to equalize perceptions and reduce stigma of all Mitra Wacana staff about Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, before Mitra Wacana begins to run a jointly signed project, this project is a collaboration between IPAS and Mitra Wacana that was signed on September 20, 2018 in the Integrated Women’s Health Improvement Program (PeKeRTi).

This program covers 10 villages from 3 sub-districts namely Jetis, Tegalrejo, and Mergangsan in Yogyakarta City for 1 year. The target beneficiaries in this program are intermediary agents, women and young women assisted by cadres.
In the training participants were taught to broaden their understanding of cases in Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, be able to analyse, and provide open services to anyone regardless of the background of prospective service recipients.

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