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Experience with beauty standard



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Dionne De Groot
Volunteer Mitra Wacana

Halo semua! First, I will introduce myself. Nama saya Dionne, saya dari Belanda. Two years ago I wanted to come to Indonesia, to do my internship here. Unfortunately that was not possible because of Covid. In July 2022 I have graduated in Belanda from Social Work (perkerjaan Social). I still wanted to discover Indonesia, the culture, the people, the food and how the Social Workers work here. Right now I am volunteering at Mitra Wacana, until the end of June.

I will tell you about the beauty standard that I was surprised to see. In my first two weeks a lot of people were staring at me. Which is fine, because I can understand that I am different here, I am the Bulé. But what I did not understand the first few times was why people pinched their nose when they saw me, sometimes people would say that I am beautiful. But I think that Indonesian people are more beautiful dan people from Belanda. When I told them that, they started laughing.

A few weeks ago I had a nice conversation with a colleague of mine. She explained to me that the beauty standard in Indonesia is to have a small nose, red lips, round eyes and a white skin. This comes from the history between Indonesia and Belanda. That was the first time I heard most of the beauty features one after the other.

In Belanda, before the 20th century the beauty standard used to be a white skin. In the beginning of the 20th century there was found a link between vitamin D deficiency and sunlight. It became clear that sunlight could help you get rid of certain ailment, the taboo of a tanned skin faded away.

Nowadays a tanned skin is part of the beauty standard. In Belanda a lot of people are paying money to get a tan, through a spray-tan, a tanning bed and self-tanner. Even though research is teaching us that to many UV radiation (in sunlight) can cause diseases on long term, such as skin cancer.

Our beauty standard is also influenced by America and influencers on social media. Our beauty standard is to have big boobs, a small waist and a big bum. Even skin is also a beauty standard. There are a lot of expensive face creams on the marked, to reduce wrinkles (although sometimes they don’t work). If you ask me, Indonesian people do have les wrinkles and a more even skin than people from Belanda.

It is almost kind of crazy that we are comparing ourselves to other people that live thousands of miles away. And we all do that. I think it would be much easier if we didn’t do that, and just be happy with ourselves. I know that it’s not realistic. But I believe that it’s good to be aware of it.

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P3A Sentolo Gelar Workshop Pembuatan Modul Pembelajaran Komunitas



Waktu dibaca: < 1 menit

Pusat Pembelajaran Perempuan dan Anak (P3A) merupakan komunitas yang bergerak dalam pemberdayaan perempuan dan anak. P3A Sentolo terdiri dari dua komunitas, yaitu P3A Rengganis dari Salamrejo dan P3A Srikandi dari Sentolo. Kedua P3A tersebut berada di Kapanewon Sentolo, Kabupaten Kulon Progo, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.

Pada tanggal 21-22 November 2023, P3A Sentolo bekerja sama dengan Mitra Wacana menggelar workshop pembuatan modul pembelajaran komunitas. Workshop ini diikuti oleh 12 peserta yang merupakan perwakilan dari dua komunitas tersebut.

Workshop ini bertujuan untuk menyusun panduan belajar yang bisa diterapkan di komunitas-komunitas pemerhati perempuan dan anak di desa. Materi yang dibahas dalam workshop ini meliputi:
• Pengenalan tentang HAM dan Hak Asasi Perempuan
• Pencegahan Tindak Pidana Perdagangan Orang
• Gender
• Pencegahan kekerasan berbasis gender
• Pencegahan pernikahan anak

Workshop ini dilaksanakan di Balai Limasan Njelok, Sentolo.
Kegiatan ini diharapkan dapat menghasilkan modul yang dapat menjadi pegangan bagi setiap P3A dalam memberikan edukasi kepada masyarakat.

Modul ini juga diharapkan dapat disebarkan kepada komunitas-komunitas P3A di wilayah lain atau komunitas-komunitas pemerhati perempuan dan anak lainnya.

Workshop pembuatan modul pembelajaran komunitas yang digelar oleh P3A Sentolo merupakan kegiatan yang meningkatkan kapasitas P3A dalam memberikan edukasi kepada masyarakat.

Modul yang dihasilkan dari kegiatan ini juga dapat menjadi sumber informasi bagi masyarakat di lingkungan Kapanewon Sentolo. *

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