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by Yos Soetyoso

Praise to Mr. YME, as he steps into the twentieth year of the journey of Mitra Wacana WRC in the midst of the problems of Indonesian society, particularly in the struggle for women’s socio-cultural problems. The existence of Mitra Wacana in Yogyakarta (although it is perhaps only like a small dot in the middle of the changing complexity of the era) is hopefully able to contribute significantly in advancing and freeing women from the oppression and shackles of the socio-cultural society .

Ups and downs are a natural necessity in the dialectical process of an organizations journey. It cannot be denied that Mitra Wacana WRC has been able to navigate these. Hard work, perseverance, unyielding enthusiasm from the management team, executives, volunteers and all staff are the main energy of the Mitra Wacana WRC team to this day.

Twenty years ago, when I and my friends founded the Mitra Wacana WRC, I personally had a “big dream” – that someday the WRC Mitra Wacana would become public property. Through being publicly owned, Mitra Wacana WRC exists concretely in the community.

Mitra Wacana has become an important element in the women’s movement in Indonesia. When Mitra Wacana is not present, the situation becomes unstable, and is is our hope that the situation remains stable even without Mitra Wacana’s constant presence. It is indeed a big dream, which until today has not yet been realized. From small pebbles to large organisational obstacles – these determine the rapid or slow realization of the dream. Therefore, we cannot fully depend on nature to realize dreams, but we can also be borne by the nature around us. This means that the dream may not be fully realized as originally imagined.

Mitra Wacana WRC has almost cracked from within, and this almost drowned Mitra Wacana WRC forever. Even some of Mitra Wacana’s founders resigned. Mitra Wacana WRC did not sink, thanks to the enthusiasm and tenacity of the young friends in Mitra Wacana WRC who worked so hard. Throughout the ups and downs, these young workers forced Mitra Wacana WRC to change it’s organisational form, which legally must be followed by changes to the Notary Deed.

As I personally believe, those who are young are the heirs of the future, while the elderly are just waiting for the grave. Therefore, as Mitra Wacana continues to develop, the founders must give their appreciation and thanks to brothers Damar Dwi Nugroho, Sri Mirmaningtyas, Sri Roviana, A. Novi E. Hariani and Sony Marsono and Titik Istyawatun Khasanah. Of course the same appreciation and expression is also given to the management estafeta holders and managers of the next Mitra Wacana WRC up to now – Rindang Farihah and friends.

Today, at the beginning of the year 2016, Mitra Wacana WRC runs a new tradition of delivering the “public report”. This should be interpreted as an effort by Mitra Wacana WRC to exist in the public domain; a first step towards realizing Mitra Wacana WRC’s dream of being publicly-owned. Through this public report, Mitra Wacana WRC intends to reveal its “inner face” to the public. Although we still have a lot to improve, it doesn’t mean we should give up. Therefore, the input from various parties is still needed for the continuation and development of Mitra Wacana WRC to move forward.

Finally, we express thanks to all parties who have been a support and help at Mitra Wacana WRC, who have helped us realize our dreams and maintain existence to date.

Greetings Yogyakarta, January 8, 2016

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