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Mitra Wacana’s program in Purworejo District

Mitra Wacana WRC



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In 2011-2013 Mitra Wacana WRC had a program in the district of Purworejo, Central Java. During this period Mitra Wacana WRC in cooperation with local governments (BKBPP) supported strengthening in three villages of three districts, namely Grabag village in Grabag district, Sindurjan village in Purworejo district and Ngaran village in Kaligesing district. The community strengthening program for the Elimination of Domestic Violence received support from CORDAID.

During the process of strengthening in these villages, Mitra Wacana WRC alongside local village governments tried to initiate the establishment of community-based organizations at the village level for the prevention of domestic violence. One objective of the establishment of the organization is a Women Crisis Centre that will assist victims of domestic violence with counselling, especially initial counselling, documenting cases and referring the victim’s case to the local government (Integrated Services Center for the Protection of Women and Children).

Mitra Wacana WRC’s work in these villages above has spawned three community-based organizations: first, AKPERAN (Women Activists Ngaran) Ngaran village, Kaligesing. Second, ANNISA Sindurjan villiage in Purworejo district and GRACIA (Grabag Counceling Mother and Child) in Grabag village in Grabag district.

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