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Halik Sandera, The Indonesian Forum for Environment activist (WALHI) Yogyakarta stated that waste has become a problem to the countryside, the goods consumed by people in the village is almost the same with the city, revealed in the show at Radio Satunama talkshaw Yogyakarta on Tuesday (23/2). According to Halik, where the waste bank, currently deployed at some point, have not been fully able to withstand waves of trash were growing. Halik said that the waste bank actually is not to get trash as much as possible, but aims to educate people to learn through the trash.

Further Halik revealed that the national trash day care some time ago should be the spirit of the movement to start reducing waste. Halik also criticized the policies of plastics paid now in the spotlight. According of Halik, this policy is increasingly encouraging people to behave consumptive. The government should protect its citizens from the waste problem, said Halik.
Meanwhile, according to Tanoto from Mitra Wacana WRC stated that waste management can be started from the rural areas even in the push policies at the village as village regulations regarding waste by involving women. Tanoto added that the involvement of women can be started from village meetings, village meetings in which participants were women as a means to capture the aspirations of women’s groups.

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