P3A SRIKANDI Sentolo, Kulonprogo

Learning Center for Women and Children (P3A) SRIKANDI discuss the issue of women and trafficking in regular meetings at homes Sentolo, Kulonprogro on Saturday (20/2). In addition to trafficking, participants who are members of P3A organization also chose a new board chairman. There were composition Riyanti mother, mother’s secretary and treasurer Mrs. Budi Lestari Yasimah.

Companion meeting, Ignas which is our field staff at Mitra Wacana WRC declares that the meeting other than as a means of gathering was also a gathering place for women in need of information related to trafficking are now worrying. Ignas said that the existence of P3A SRIKANDI organization and election officials, expected to be able to invite other people to care about the environment, especially to the issue of migrant workers and the prevention of trafficking.

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