This is a poem by Dea Safira Basori. Dea uses social media to spread information about women’s rights. She is currently studying dentistry in Jakarta. Today (Tuesday 26 April 2016) Dea visited Mitra Wacana at our office in Yogyakarta to tell us about her work and learn about ours.

What inspired you to write this poem?

I’ve written this poem a while ago, then someone asked me to write something inspired by Shakespeare. I didn’t know much about Shakespeare, but I decided to find a quote that inspired me. I found a quote that I could relate to the poem that I had already made.

Men are always in constant war, constant jealousy towards women. When women are empowered, they flourish more than men and I think there’s a bit of jealousy, power control, that comes with that. Men who feel the need for power, if they want to be a leader, they need to give back as a leader. If you want to be a leader, but never give back, what’s the point?

What inspired you to start posting about women’s issues on social media?

I think, it started because my society was very patriarchal and even women don’t understand what gender equality is. There’s a lack of awareness [among the women I study with a dental school in Jakarta]. Everything they need is covered, either by their parents or by their husbands, but they had no empathy. They are not aware of the struggle who don’t have the luxury given by their family or their spouses. There’s this masculinity that has created a lot of chaos and I think I got sick of it, so I started posting about it.

Facebook suggested I joined the Jakarta Feminists Facebook group and I became more active.

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