RA Kartini

RA Kartini is a very familiar name in Indonesia. There are many stories about her, related to the struggle for the rights and responsibilities of women. How secluded women can relate to the outside world and join the struggle. She exchanged letters with her friends in Europe containing her thoughts and desires. They shared ideas on the rights and obligations of women to fight for emancipation. She was born on 21 April 1879 and died on 17 September 1904.

She focussed not only on women but also general emancipation from social problems.
She fought for the rights of indigenous women to have equal rights with men in obtaining a proper education. She even established a school in the Rembang area. She continued to fight for women’s rights until the end of her life. President Sukarno declared her a national hero and made her birthday, April 21, Kartini Day, which is still celebrated by many women in Indonesia today.

Kartini was one of the earliest women to carry forward ideals for the emancipation of women. Every woman continues the struggle in some way. Today women continue to struggle with how to be a modern woman who is not confined to the home and kitchen as before. These days there are a variety of views and also the freedom to choose how to live now and into the future. Especially now women have more freedom to work. Today there are many career women, office workers, police, soldiers, and even politicians. This shows that women are able to choose according to their conscience. May the spirit of Kartini spur the spirit of women today to be active, to work and act in accordance with her ideals and overcome every challenge.

* Taken from various sources

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