In the district of Banjarnegara, Mitra Wacana WRC runs the Strengthening Society for the Abolition of Sexual Violence Against Children with the support of AWO International for the period 2014-2016. The program is aimed at the elimination of sexual violence against children at the village level, through the strengthening of women and children’s groups.

Intervention programs are built in two spheres. First, education is critical to a community of women and children as the heart of strengthening civil society at the village level. Second, the village government is expected to have the knowledge and awareness of gender, and a commitment to prevent and respond to sexual violence against children. It is hoped this will result in changes in the community through leading village reform. As for policy, it is hoped the village government will create equality for women and children.

Mitra Wacana WRC’s program operates in two villages in two districts, namely Karangjati and Berta in Susukan district and Bondolharjo and Petuguran in Punggelan district. Within one year, each village has formed the Learning Center for Women and Children (P3A). Women’s groups have been formed, namely Women Care (WOCA) in Karangjati, Lantern Heart (LH) in Berta, United Bondolharjo Care (lovebirds) and Pelita Women Bondolharjo Petuguran (PWP) in Petuguran.

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