Pertemuan Rutin Putri Pertiwi ft Umi

Sophia: On Saturday (19 March 2016) I travelled to Nomproejo village, Kulon Progo district with Mitra Wacana WRC Director Mrs Rindang Farihah, secretary Mrs Imelda Zuhaida and finance and fundraising officer Soni Marsana. We attended the monthly meeting of the Putri Pertiwi women and children’s learning centre (Pusat Pembelajaran Perempuan dan Anak or P3A). About 20 women and their children attended the meeting. Usually there are more people, they have around 30 members now, but there was a funeral in the village that day.

I asked the women why they joined the P3A, and what they got out of it. One woman said, before she joined P3A, she didn’t know about human trafficking, gender issues, or sexual and reproductive health. I was so inspired to hear this, knowing that human trafficking and domestic violence are problems faced by many women in Kulon Progo. Mitra Wacana WRC’s program manager for Kulon Progo, Mrs Dianah Karmilah, pointed out the Putri Pertiwi P3A is a member of the Kulong Progo Violence Victims Protection Forum (Forum Perlindungan Korban Kekerasan or FPKK).

The women told me that being a member of Putri Pertiwi P3A gives them an opportunity to share their experiences, gain knowledge and even learn new skills. Mrs Rindang spoke about the importance of good record keeping, planning and budgeting so the organization has strong transparency. The women will receive training to do this as well as assistance to market the products they make such as knitted hand bags and accessories.

The head of the village government, Suyono, even stopped by the meeting. He encouraged the women to contribute ideas for the village and welcomed the energy that Putri Pertiwi P3A brings to Nomproejo village. Mitra Wacana WRC’s program coordinator for Kulon Progo, Mrs Septy Wulandari, said the village government has been supportive of Putri Pertiwi P3A and has taken steps to give organization access to funding for women’s empowerment and the prevention of human trafficking.

In closing the meeting, Mrs Imelda reminded the women how the work they are doing now through Putri Pertiwi P3A will benefit future generations. I hope, through the work of organizations such as Mitra Wacana WRC, issues such as human trafficking will not be a problem for future generations.

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