Mitra Wacana WRC is currently running a program of prevention and treatment of human trafficking in Kulon Progo. In the implementation of our programs focus on empowering women in the village to encourage governments and communities to carry out prevention and respond to people trafficking.

Strategies undertaken for the prevention and treatment of human trafficking is done by empowering former female migrant workers through critical education in the form of regular meetings and a school for rural women and to increase the knowledge of village officials about human trafficking so women and village governments come undertake rural development with the government’s mantra of “building on the outskirts”, build from marginalized people , which includes women susceptible to trafficking.

Initially the implementation of the program was in three villages, namely Nomporejo in Galur district, Hargotirto in Kokap district and Salamrejo in Sentolo district. This program is funded by Misereor in 2013-2015. Now the program has expanded to six other villages namely; Banaran and Tirtorahayu in Galu district; Hargorejo and Kalirejo villges in Kokap district; Sentolo and Demangrejo villges in Sentolo district. During the implementation of the program, Mitra Wacana also received support from MISSEREOR for 2015-2018.

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