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Violence against women and children in Kulon Progo Regency is still a serious problem which much be addressed, especially by the government. Data recorded by the Integrated Service Center for Protection of Women and Children (P2TP2A) Kulon Progo showed there were 207 cases of violence against women (VAW) and 190 cases of violence against children (VAC) during 2011-2015. This was revealed in a meeting formation Violence Victim Protection Forum (FPKK) in Kokap district on Monday (4 April 2016).

Data on violence over the five years (2011-2015) showed an increase. But be aware that the increase in reporting of cases shows public awareness to report it. The data showed that in 2011 there were 32 cases of violence against women (VAW) and 27 cases of violence against children (VAC), (2012) 26 VAW and 27 VAC, (2013) 46 cases of VAW and 39 VAC, (2014) 54 VAW and 38 VAC, (2015) 49 cases of VAW and 59 VAC. Most violence against women is violence in the home (domestic violence) with details of the year 2011 as many as 37cases , (2012) 27, (2013) 39, (2014) 38, (2015) 47.

For cases of violence against children, most were cases of sexual assault ranging from sexual harassment and sexual abuse and rape. In 2015 there were 59 child victims, most abuse cases (25 cases), physical violence (9 cases), psychological (10 cases), rape (3 cases), sexual harassment (3 cases), trafficking (3 cases) and neglect (6 case). In 2016 from January to February 10 cases of VAC were recorded with 7 cases of molestation, 1 rape, 2 cases of psychological abuse. The 5 cases of VAW consist of psychological violence cases (4 cases) and sexual abuse (1 case).

According to one participant, Siti Fatimah who counsels victims of violence and a Mitra Wacana Women Resource Center (WRC) activist, the problem of violence against women and children is increasingly worrying therefore all people should welcome the establishment of FPKK at the district level. I hope, especially who women have a higher risk of becoming a victim must always be vigilant, Siti said.

The participants who attended were anti-violence activists and institutions in Kulon Progo district and community mentors. The meeting was also attended by the local mayor, Drs. Mitoto. In a conversation with Mitra Wacana WRC field officer, Erna Novitasari, Mitoto said that violence against women and children is a shared responsibility. (Erna / Tnt)

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