Peningkatan kemampuan menjadi fasilitator bagi staff mitra wacana, ft waton

Mitra Wacana staff and field activists got material on techniques to become a facilitator, or training of the facilitator (TOF) for three full days, on Wednesday through Friday (8-10 June 2016) at the Mitra Wacana Women Resource Centre office, Gedongan Baru No.42 RT 006 RW 43 Pelemwulung, Banguntapan Bantul 55198. The training was facilitated by Mukhotib MD of Magelang who once served as the director of PKBI in Yogyakarta special region. The participants included Imelda Zuhaida, Ika Septy Wulandari, Ngatiyar, Umiasih, Siti Fatimah, Erna Novitasari, Enik Maslahah, Yekti Purnomo, Muhammad Mansur, Astriani, Rindang Farihah, Dianah Karmilah, Arif Sugeng and board member associate, Isti Atun.

According to Mukhotib, the facilitator should be able to understand the condition of the participants. An example is a matter of language, as often the facilitator uses language that is not understood by participants. Therefore, as much as possible a facilitator should use language that is easily understood, he said. A facilitator also needs to be rich in technique and knowledge, in order to be able to guide the course of the meeting. But that does not mean the facilitator knows everything, the facilitator must know themselves, Mukhotib added.

According to the director of Mitra Wacana, Rindang Farihah, TOF is intended to improve the skills of Mitra Wacana’s activists in becoming facilitators. I expect post-TOF all the organisation’s activists will feel qualified and confident in guiding forums, she said.

According to Ika Septy, field coordinator in Kulon Progo region, often when leading a forum there are participants who sometimes seek attention. According Mukhotib, to get around the matter, make those participants the head of the class or listen to their opinion first. Meanwhile, according to Astriani, Mitra Wacana field staff felt difficulties in grouping the ideas of the participants that are sometimes the same. Answering this Mukhotib the opinion of each participant must be respected and heard and written. (tnt)

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