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Mba Farida, Our Favorite Chef

Mitra Wacana WRC



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By Arif SW

Mrs Farida is a chef at our office, Mitra Wacana. We call her Mba Farida. She has been working in Mitra Wacana for 9 years. She was born at 28 Mei 1967 in Jogjakarta. She has married and has two children, man (30 years old) and woman (19 years old). Mba Farida is a good person. She is very friendly and humble. Every person in our office likes her. If you talk to her, she will hear you and give you a good response. She comes to the office in the morning. Before coming to the office, she buys some cooking ingredients at traditional market near her house. 

Mba Farida can cook many kinds of foods, especially Javanese foods. She can cook soto, brongkos, nasi goreng, tongseng, rica-rica, sayur bayam, pecel, etc. She cooks differently every day. Sometimes if you are lucky, you can ask her to cook a special food you want, and she will cook as requested. She is happy to cook to many people. She is satisfied when her foods is eaten all people on the office. She will be sad if any person does not eat her cuisine.

Mba farida’s dishs are tasted not only for a staff of Mitra Wacana, but also for volunteers from local and international. Mitra Wacana every year gets volunteers that come from local university like as Universitas Gadjah Mada, UIN Sunan Kalijaga, UNS Solo, Universitas Respati Yogyakarta, Universitas Atmajaya etc, and come from many countries in the world as like Australia, US, Germany, Swiss, Myanmar, England, etc. All of volunteers have tried some kinds of foods that mba Farida cooks. It means mba Farida’s cuisine has been tasted by people from many countries not just from Indonesia. All of them praise mba Farida’s cuisine. She is a favourite chef for all of us, Mitra Wacana team.

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E-Sertifikat Ngobras Bareng Mitra Wacana

Robi Setiyawan



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        1. Sertifikat 1 Shafa Rizki Salsabil

        2. Sertifikat 2 SITI ZUBAIDAH

        3. Sertifikat 3 EKA FAJAR SETIAWAN

        4. Sertifikat 4 NIKEN AYUNINGTYAS

        5. Sertifikat 5 SRI NOVENI

        6. Sertifikat 6 MUFLIHATURROHMAH

        7. Sertifikat 7 ARINA MANASIKANA

        8. Sertifikat 8 ENJELIKA PALINOAN

        9. Sertifikat 9 RISKAWATI

        10. Sertifikat 10 HAPPY PUTRI FITRIN ARIYANA

        11. Sertifikat 11 KHOFIFATUN NISA

        12. Sertifikat 12 FATHIA CINTYANING

        13. Sertifikat 13 ANGGI CLARA NURITA

        14. Sertifikat 14 RIZKI NUR MAWANTI

        15. Sertifikat 15 ORYZHA WAHYU NUGRAHA

        16. Sertifikat 16 WAHYU CHOIRUNNISA P

        17. Sertifikat 17 ROHMAH FITRIYANA

        18. Sertifikat 18 AZIZAH FEBRIAN RAHMAWATI

        19. Sertifikat 19 ANGGI OKTAVIANDA

        20. Sertifikat 20 LARASATI INDAH SWASTI

        21. Sertifikat 21 USLUM MUFIDATUL LAILA

        22. Sertifikat 22 GIOVANI

        23. Sertifikat 23 ISTIQOMAH

        24. Sertifikat 24 WILLY KURNIAMAN LASE

        25. Sertifikat 25 NDARU TEJO LAKSONO

        26. Sertifikat 26 YHANU SURYO ASMORO

        27. Sertifikat 27 RADITYA RASYADUL IHSAN

        28. Sertifikat 28 DINI SITATUN NUR HIDAYATULLAH

        29. Sertifikat 29 ROBITHOTUL HUSNA

        30. Sertifikat 30 NOVARIA INTAN NABILLA

        31. Sertifikat 31 DEVI SYAMSYAH A.F

        32. Sertifikat 32 OKTHI RAIHAN UTAMI

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