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Volunteer Handbook

This handbook has been created to help you on your way during your internship/volunteer
work at Mitra Wacana. At Mitra Wacana there is an informal working atmosphere, this
handbook will also be written in the atmosphere of Mitra Wacana.

I made this manual, in consultation, because I missed a piece of information during my start.
It is a very beautiful and also widely deployable company, which sometimes makes it difficult
to see what they are doing due to the language barrier. I hope this handbook will help you to
make a good start. A number of personal tips can be found in annex 1.

Mitra Wacana has already gained several experiences with foreign students and volunteers.
They are generally very curious about the country of origin and will probably ask you a lot of
questions. A great opportunity to ask things back!Above all, be curious and do not fear to ask things (several times). And most importantly,
enjoy your time here because it flies by!

Finally, I would like to thank Think Volunteer for all the guidance and for making the link to
Mitra Wacana. In addition, I would like to thank Mitra Wacana for a very nice 5 months that I
have been able to volunteer with them, for their curiosity, the laughs and the freedom they
gave me.
Above all, continue the beautiful and meaningful work you are doing!

Dionne de Groot