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Mitra Wacana (which means discourse partners) is an NGO based in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Our role is to provide information services and strengthen society, especially with regard to women’s issues. Mitra Wacana was founded in April 1996 by a group of individuals from various NGOs in Yogyakarta. The initial reason for establishing Mitra Wacana was to provide information about services provided by existing NGOs. These NGOs had different backgrounds but the same ideals, namely to create a society that is fair and equitable.

The full name for Mitra Wacana at that time was the Centre for Information Services (Pusat Layanan Informasi Mitra Wacana or PLIP Mitra Wacana in Indonesian). Over time the founding agencies were able to develop their own data and information. So in 2005 Mitra Wacana transformed from a forum to an association and took the name Mitra Wacana Women Resource Centre (WRC).

As an association, we are not made up of various NGOs anymore but individuals who have a vision, mission, spirit and the same desire to fight for justice and gender equality. This change occurred in 2005, however legally these changes were only recorded on the deed on 17 October 2012. During this time, Mitra Wacana WRC ran activities to strengthen society through education of women and children to empower them to fight for the right to freedom from of all forms of gender-based violence.

Mitra Wacana WRC also calls on the government to work together for gender equality by responding to a variety of problems faced by women and children. This is important, considering that in fact it is the obligation of all parties to solve the problems of women and children, especially the national government which is responsible for the lives of its citizens. Mitra Wacana WRC also works to raise awareness among women and children and government officials about the importance of protecting women and children from all forms or threats of violence.

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