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Overview of Mitra Wacana WRC

Yos Soetyoso

Yos Soetyoso

By Yos Soetyoso

Praise be presented to God Almighty, who has guided every step of Mitra Wacana WRC’s 20-year journey into the problems of Indonesian society, especially in the struggle against women’s socio-cultural problems. Indeed present in Yogyakarta – perhaps it was just like a small speck in the middle of the complexity of the ever-changing era, however small it hopefully can provide a significant contribution in advancing and liberating women from the shackles of oppression and their socio-cultural community.

Cracks continued, tides are a common necessity in the process of the dialectical journey of an organization. And, there is no denying Mitra Wacana WRC (Women’s Resource Centre) has been able to survive. Hard work, perseverance, the unyielding spirit of the board, executive and all our staff and volunteers – is the main energy for driving Mitra Wacana WRC to this day.

Twenty years ago, when some friends and I set up Mitra Wacana WRC, personally I had “big dreams” – that someday Mitra Wacana WRC will be a public asset. Public asset in the sense that, Mitra Wacana is involved in the community. Mitra Wacana WRC becomes a factor (especially in the women’s movement in Indonesia) – when Mitra Wacana WRC is not present the situation becomes uneven, but the situation becomes even when Mitra Wacana WRC is present. It’s a big dream, which to this day has not been fully realized.

From small pebbles to large obstacles, the ups and downs of the organization also determine the speed of the embodiment of that dream. So it is not apologetic when we say that the dream can not be realized as fully and completely as originally envisaged.

Honestly dare we say that Mitra Wacana WRC has cracked on the inside. And, it almost drowned Mitra Wacana WRC forever. Even some of the founders resigned. Only the spirit and tenacity of young comrades in Mitra Wacana WRC working hard ensured Mitra Wacana WRC did not sink. As the tides move on, with the power of this youth, Mitra Wacana WRC was forced to change the structure of the agency, which legally must be followed by changes to the notary deed.

As is my belief in private, those youth are the future. So when Mitra Wacana WRC continued and developed until now, the founders must give appreciation and gratitude to the brothers Damar Dwi Nugroho, Sri mirmaningtyas, Sri Roviana, A. Novi E. Hariani and Sony Marsono and Titik Istyawatun Khasanah. Of course, the same expression of appreciation also to shareholders, management, former management and to the current Mitra Wacana WRC managers – Rindang and friends.

Today, at the beginning of 2016, Mitra Wacana WRC is started a new tradition of delivering the “Public Report”. However, this should be interpreted as an attempt by Mitra Wacana WRC to be present in the middle of the public. A first step to realize the dream Mitra Wacana WRC into a public asset. At least, through this Public Report, Mitra Wacana WRC intends to show its face to the public. It may be that this is far from satisfactory, however unsatisfactory it does not mean negating. Hence also the input of various parties is still needed for the continuation and development of the next Mitra Wacana WRC.

Finally, do not forget to convey our gratitude to all those who have been supporting and helping Mitra Wacana WRC to the embodiment, and the achievement of its existence until today.

Yogyakarta, January 8, 2016

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