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Human trafficking is like the iceberg phenomenon. There are many cases in surroundings us, even sometimes we don’t know that it is a human trafficking. The victim of it gets more disadvantages, eg loss the wealth is caused by exploitation until suffer from loss non-materialize. In addition, it’s cause the death.

According the impacts, human trafficking preventing must be done by society and government collectively. Mitra Wacana WRC and Misereor together with the adolescent do the socialization about human trafficking preventing since the early. They make a film about it.

This film was made in 3 sub-districts in Kulon Progo District; there are Galur, Sentolo, and Kokap. The story just fictitious, so that if find the same of name and location are not intentional. Theme of this story is “Let’s do collectively the human trafficking preventing”. By the film, they information that human trafficking can threaten anyone.
The message from these films are we must be careful and not easy to believe the agent that promise a large salary when send us go to abroad. Getting information about their credibility, what the agent legal and legitimate before we submit the application. The most important, we must complement the requirements and legal identity.

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